SPA utilizes many software tools for collaboration, data analysis and visualization. If you would like to know about potential opportunities, make sure to use our JIRA Request Form.

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  • Watermark Planning and Self-Study – Access Watermark
  • Qualtrics – Creating data collection tools, candidate evaluation forms, electronic processes and more. Access Qualtrics
  • JMP – Data management and powerful analysis made simple. Access JMP
  • Miro – Online collaboration through interactive whiteboards, diagrams and more. Access Miro
  • AirTable – Online, multi-functional sheets with some database level usage. Access AirTable
  • Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) – Automating simple processes, such as sending notifications regularly or pulling data from Qualtrics into Box. Access Microsoft Office
  • Tableau (requires licensing if not a student) – Powerful data visualization tool for data exploration, reporting and storytelling. Access Tableau