The Division of Student Life empowers and supports students in maximizing their UA learning experiences.


We aspire to cultivate an inclusive campus culture that promotes equitable opportunities for holistic wellness and student success. We will position students as stakeholders in their learning experience, preparing them to be the next generation of transformed and engaged learners.

Professional Values (ACE)


Empathy | Respect | Civility | Character


Equity | Belonging | Inclusion | Collaboration


Accountability | Integrity | Innovation | Consistency | Evaluation | Communication

Student Learning and Developmental Goals

As stated in its mission statement, the Division of Student Life is committed to maximizing each student’s learning experience here at UA. These five learning and development goals provide the greatest impact on our students’ educational experience and the programs, services and resources in the Division all collaborate to support and promote these goals.

Goal 1: Global and Intercultural Learning

Students will develop the capacity to be informed, open-minded and responsible while addressing significant issues in the world, learning to articulate self-identity and engage with others in a global context.

Goal 2: Leadership Development

Students will strengthen leadership skills and broaden core beliefs and values to influence personal, professional and civic environments.

Goal 3: Holistic Wellness Development

Students will cultivate the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to build a life of vitality, engagement, purpose and resilience while creating healthy environments through college and beyond.

Goal 4: Experiential Learning

The Division will promote learning for students to manage personal and professional experiences, behaviors and skills to confidently achieve life-long success.

Goal 5: Community Service and Engagement

The Division will expand and develop understanding of active participation in the community for students, promoting the value of human welfare and benevolence.

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