Assessment and Planning constructed a model cycle of continuous improvement designed to help any department in the Division enhance its strategy, tactics and objectives to deliver purposeful services that provide real results.

graphic depicting a circle about how university departments can improve

Student Life’s Annual Assessment Guideline

The annual assessment for the Division of Student Life begins July 1 and ends June 30 of each year.

Assessment plans are due by July 30 every year. The plans should include the goals, objectives, outcomes, measures, metrics and any other important information that informs what you will assess for the upcoming year. Plans are submitted to the Strategic Planning and Assessment (SPA) office for review. SPA will advise the departments on the plans and assist with creating assessment tools as needed.

Assessment reports are due by June 30 every year. The reports should include an analysis of all the data collected and provide an action plan for implementation in the following year. The reports are reviewed based on rubrics created and approved by the Assessment Council. SPA will provide feedback to the units.

July 1 – August 30

  • Create, review or evaluate the mission statement, objective(s), outcome(s), measure(s), metric(s), target(s), findings, etc.
  • Include any recommendations or action items from assessment report (Year 2)
  • Define the data collection process
  • Submit the assessment plan

August 1 – May 30

  • Perform activities and collect data
  • Collect findings for measures of appropriate objectives and outcomes

May 1 – June 30

  • Review findings for measures of appropriate objectives and outcomes
  • Share and discuss results with team members or other stakeholders for recommendations
  • Create an action plan for implementation
  • Submit the annual assessment report