Our mission is to prepare and support Division of Student Life professionals to make data-driven decisions that will transform the UA student experience.

Areas of Focus

  • Strategic Planning – helping formally communicate your department or program goals and outcomes to stakeholders.
  • Accreditation – using the achievements and plans of the division as evidence for continuous improvement to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).
  • Continuous Improvement – Getting in the mindset of collecting and using data from programs to improve your impact on your students.


Support each department as they define the goals and outcomes for the strategic plan that will support the division’s mission and vision.

  • Strategic Plan Discussion Meetings with Directors
  • Approved goals and outcomes


Establish metrics and baseline data for annual reporting of the Strategic Plan.

  • Determine metrics and criteria for success (October 31)
  • Establish baseline data (November 30)
  • Create an annual report template (December 17)

Divisional Strategy

Lead the division through strategic planning to align departmental goals and activities with the Student Life’s Strategic Plan.

  • Create implementation plan
  • Create a Timeline for Strategic Planning (January 31)

Continuous Improvement

Advance continuous improvement efforts by promoting a culture of data analytics, assessment, and evaluation.


Provide training to increase division’s knowledge of continuous improvement processes and best practices.

  • Define assessment curriculum and calendar
  • Create and present sessions (objectives, surveys, etc.)
  • Develop worksheets and videos

Annual Assessment

Establish an annual assessment process to streamline efforts of continuous improvement by December 2021.

  • Develop an assessment and continuous improvement model
  • Create an assessment process, timeline, and calendar
  • Determine a database to collect assessment efforts


Design a recognition process to acknowledge the continuous improvement efforts and achievements within the division by August 2022.

  • Develop recognition guidelines and procedures
  • Promote process to share success stories
  • Produce videos, articles, etc.

Assessment Council

Establish an assessment council to support the continuous improvement efforts of Student Life by May 2022.

  • Develop the charge and commitment requirements
  • Design training and committee materials
  • Meet with committee

Leading the Standard

Engage professional organizations focused on student life and assessment to emerge as a leader in continuous improvement practices and student success. Create a society of researchers within student life to produce articles, case studies, presentations, etc.

  • Align division’s activities to support SACSCOC standards by May 2022.
    • Share SACSCOC requirements
    • Produce Student Life mapping
  • Implement NASPA and CAS Standards to participate in program review by December 2025.
    • Purchase CAS standards
    • Share NASPA and CAS standards with division
  • Achieve NILOA’s Excellence in Achievement certification.


Design marketing strategies for continuous improvement efforts and processes. Create marketing strategies and materials to promote continuous improvement efforts to Student Life departments by May 2022.

  • Strategic Plan design
  • Continuous Improvement model design
  • Template for Presentations
  • Email campaigns for assessments
  • Report Template