The assessment Council is a collaborative effort between the departments within Student Life where representatives meet and give insight on their department’s experiences to give all departments a more unified vision and mission.


The Student Life Assessment Council (SLAC) will provide leadership in the Division of Student Life by promoting and providing resources to foster a data-driven culture of continuous improvement of student services and student support. Additionally, the Council will provide guidance and oversight as it develops and implements the strategic plan, analyzes and interprets assessment plans and reports and shares evaluation results with the campus community. SLAC will support the assessment of students’ co-curricular experiences to ensure high quality experience and improve learning and support.


The Student Life Assessment Council is a standing governance committee that functions as a vital subcommittee of the Student Life division in support of SACSCOC standards Standard 8.2.c and 12.1. Members of SLAC will assist in tasks such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Serve as liaison between Student Life departments and the Office of Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • Facilitate the sharing of assessment data opportunities and challenges in each department
  • Assist in the writing and reviewing of annual assessment reports within each department and ensure that each department maintains an annual assessment schedule
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the co-curricular continuous improvement process and the division’s strategic plan
  • Serve as part of a learning community that strives to consistently advance assessment practices and techniques for student learning
  • Collaborate in the research and creation of resources for continuous improvement efforts in the Division of Student Life

Council Meetings

The Assessment Council will have a standing hour and a half long meeting each month, beginning in January of 2022. Additional meetings or extended meeting times may be conducted as needed. As necessary, the Office of Strategic Planning and Assessment may direct temporary measures, subject to later approval by the Assessment Council, based on the situation.


All minutes, exhibits and reports from Student Life Assessment Council meetings will be accessible to SLAC members. Minutes will list all matters considered by the Assessment Council and will contain the amount of exposition necessary and appropriate to demonstrate a well-reasoned decision or indecision by the members.

For more information about the committee, please email

Committee Members only: access Box folder.

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