Qualitative information is a great source of data. Assessment and Planning will assist in Collection and Analysis of your unstructured qualitative information.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way to get information about complex topics. In our experience we find that groups between 5-8 work best. We try to keep the conversations to around 45 minutes. Focus groups should only try to ask two to three conceptual questions. Other best practices Assessment and Planning follows is honesty with focus group participants about the purpose and scope of the conversation. Focus groups are great ways to develop hypothesis that can later be tested.


Reflections on experiences can provide a great deal of insight about the impact of an experience. Using different techniques Assessment and Planning assists in developing reflection process and prompts that maximize responses in both quantity and quality.


An approach that solicits deep information from a participant on a topic of interest. We advise the use of a semi-structured approach in most situations. Like focus groups this approach is best for developing hypothesis for future testing.